Hello Sweet Peas.

by pauland1707

Well, what a to-do. All that singing and dancing for the Festival of Joy and Happiness. And then, hot on it’s heels (well moderately warm, actually) the Feast Day of Saint Corduroy. It’s all a go-go with more go than the happy citizens of this ‘ere place could have ever contemplated. Blimey, yes. Even Haus, played by Uma Thurman, has been well-behaved. Such casting, there must be an Oscar on the way. Perhaps _Paul_And_Land_ should consider a Film Awards Ceremony? Maybe, who knows? Dust off your best trousers. And buy a smart new pair of socks. And buy a nice new, newish frock. Excited now. Will Claude Van Diesel be here?

Talking of Transit Van Diesel, thoughts drift back to Brussels and it’s finest export, Sprouts. Lovely little things, all sprouty and Brusselsish and baby cabbagey. Some say they’re the Devils work but not ‘ere. If ever a vegetable was more loved (apart from the heralded pickled variety) then we’d like to know about it because Brussels Sprouts and _Paul_And_Land_ go together like a song title: I’m in Pittsburgh and it’s raining.

Quite what that has to do with anything, we’re quite not sure. Back to Brussels, you bunch of international jet-setters and the delights of Coconut Cream available from all good purveyors of Coconut Cream. Which should also be able to flog you Spudikins, Garlicky stuff and spicy things of a Nindian type: Coriander, Turmeric, Chilli, Mustard Seeds et al, whatever grabs your fancy. Oh those lovely little sprouts, chop ’em in half and those spudikins, cube them. If we’re being frank, Frank, a half inch would be just the job. Then let them have a little bath in hot water for a few minutes, not too long, they just fall apart and there’s no registered psychologists to help them in these parts.

Now, take all your Nindian spicey niceness and your chopped up Garlicky stuff and chuck it in with Vegetable Oil, who should be hot, in a wok. A wok? Yes, a wok, so don’t monkey about and oik in the Love of Brussels and the Spudikins pretty sharpish, like, and let them all get to know each other. They all like a bit of Cumin too, gives the Spudikins a lovely tan.

So, when they’re all lovely and tanned give them a lovely drink of Coconut Cream. Let them bathe in it for a few minutes before introducing them to your tummy with some fresh coriander on the atop of. That’s it, now for some more singing and dancing, with windows wide open.

Burp, ‘scuse me.