by pauland1707

A curious little group were parked in the snug at the _Paul_And_Land_Arms_ II, Bar and Grill. From many flung place and places flung afar: The South, The East, The North and the Near Here; cars and buses (with laminate floors and leather seats and nice drivers warning of tripping hazards) and the ever-popular trains. Trains to stations awarded plaques, potentially, for their lack of soul. However, our little group of expeditionists cared not for soul lacking stations for they chatted and laughed and shared stories like old friends. Some had only met an hour previous, Twitter had brought them together. This is Social Media at it’s best and Real Life in even bester.

Natural nervousness at meeting new folks evaporated in seconds. Parcels were handed around. And light bulbs changed by a lithe chap stood on a chair supported by _Paul_And_ in a flat rented by Trace (today has already been designated Blessed Sweet St. Trace of the Mucky Beer), whilst a young chappie bedecked of scarlet sits chatting with a Blonde betopped with now refound red hat. If this is not perfection then I challenge you, yes all of you (sweeping point of the outstretched finger, hand, wrist, lower arm. elbow and upper arm accompanied by words such as “you can take away my liberty but you’ll never silence me” or something usually in a Joan Crawford way) to show me what is.

So more beer, Diet Cokes, Lager and Gin and Tonics, slice no ice, visits to Chazzers for sound and vision stuff, and then more beers and wines and Gin and Tonics (ice no slice) and Diet Pepsi and Grubbins served by a pre-pubescent youngster and a young lady (not of the happy wanderers, we hasten to add) in tears quickly followed by “Lee, Lee, leave it Lee” in heavy drink. Lee was certainly well cooked which is more than can be said for our lithe fella’s Sirloin. It almost mooed in pain as the knife went in for the first time. And then hotel, the group will remeet over a New York Italian breakfast no doubt seranaded by strains of Dino the Wine Drinker. “How do you like your eggs in a morning, I like mine with a kiss……”.

Enjoy your Blessed Sweet St. Trace of the Mucky Beer Day. Both it and the Eve of Blessed Sweet St. Trace of the Mucky Beer Day are now special days which at least one citizen of _Paul_And_Land_ will treasure forever. x