The Return of the Thingie.

by pauland1707

Great Lord and Good garden seed and other such pithy statements and the like. It’s back, in a way of speaking so to speak. Yes, here in the slumbering valleys of _Paul_And_Land_ things have been somewhat subdued for a day or three but, yes well, things have been going on and going down and going off and generally just going. Going where, we’re not to sure however we are safe in the knowledge that it’s not Macclesfield, Basing-bloody-stoke, Basildon or even Bracknell (other similarly ropey places are available should you wish to partake of non-medication drugs).

But now we’re back, from outer space, you just turned round and saw that look upon our face. That should have said faces however Gloria Gaynor would have been misquoted, well she was anyway so hmm, yes. Right, back to _Paul_And_Land_ and forgetting about the delightful Ms Gaynor. For the time being at least. We had planned a celebrity opening of the scribblings but Mr DLT of Radio One fame became unavoidably detained and our second celebrity guest, Catherine the Great of Russia also had her name scratched.  Only after long negotiation did we alight on the unforseen difficulty of her seeming death a number of years ago. So, under the circumstances, it gives me great pleasure to utilise these large cardboard scissors and declare this Oxfam charity shop open. Sorry, wrong speech, err, hang on, I’ve got it here somewhere, washing powder, baked beans, bread, no that’s not it either. Err, Trevor 07798, no not that one either. Oh blast, I’ll wing it, welcome back to the slightly mad ramblings of _Paul_And_Land_.